Welcome to Hypatia House: In Search of Sacred Traditions and Hidden Knowledge

Hypatia House is dedicated to bringing to modern times the ancient knowledge of Earth energies, sacred traditions that honored the Feminine Principle, and hidden laws encoded in the building of sacred sites from Neolithic times to the Reformation period.
Svetlana Meritt is an author, public speaker, teacher, and photographer. Her spiritual travelogue Meet Me in the Underworld: How 77 Sacred Sites, 770 Cappuccinos, and 26,000 Miles Led Me to My Soul is a journey of self-discovery immersed in mystery and mythology of sacred sites. Svetlana teaches a course on Earth energies and sacred sites in Santa Barbara, and is a co-organizer of sacred journeys to the Mediterranean region.
In honor of Hypatia of Alexandria, one of the most brilliant scientists and philosophers of all times, the head of Plato Academy, who was brutally tortured and murdered in 415 AD by a mob of illiterate Christian monks.
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