Meet Me in the Underworld

Meet Me in the Underworld: How 77 Sacred Sites, 770 Cappuccinos, and 26,000 Miles Led Me to My Soul is  Svetlana’s travelogue of soul-searching set against the backdrop of Western civilization’s most sacred sites. Not your ordinary vision quest, Meet Me in the Underworld is the story of a modern-day pilgrimage Svetlana undertakes with her partner and mentor Dwight Johnson in search of her creative mission in life. In the process, she descends into the underworld of her own psyche where she battles many personal demons and fears.

This story of inner transformation unfolds against the backdrop of outer journeys through ancient healing centers and oracles, at mythic volcanoes, on the trails of the Cathars and Knights Templar in southern France, and at the ruins of Etruscan and Druidic civilizations. Through many obstacles, hardships, and at times dangerous situations, the reader is transported into Svetlana’s experience of soul-seeking and pulled into the world of exciting travel adventure by a narrative that reads like a novel.

Part I       Greece to Italy: Opening of the Way
Part II     Crisscrossing Italy: Where Is My Guidance?
Part III    Rome: I Love You, I Hate You!
Part IV    Campagna: Adventure, Adventure…
Part V     Tuscany: Freaky Stuff
Part VI    Southern France: Prisoners
Part VII  Brittany: Rites and Passages

Meet Me in the Underworld engaged me constantly—it’s so human and chatty and thoughtful and sympathetic. I really hope it finds its place in the world.” 

Pico Iyer

Joseph Campbell showed us the inner wonders of the heroic quest; now Svetlana Meritt gives us an enchanting personal account of the initiatory mysteries. This illuminating book is at once global and intimate in revealing lessons learned in a sweeping journey through sacred places and personal discoveries. Meet Me in the Underworld is a mythic adventure that will remain in the imagination for a lifetime.”

Jonathan Young, PhD, psychologist and founding curator,
Joseph Campbell Archives

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